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What motivates you?

Earlier this week, I met with a recruiter in hopes of landing my next full-time job. Since the wedding’s over, I’m working double-time to find employment. Anyway, at this screening, I was asked a series of questions to better match me with potential employers. The one question that caught my attention, and has stuck with … Continue reading

Me > Stress

I can’t recall a single time that stress has solved my problems. Not once has stress offered to pay my bills or plan my wedding. Instead it just hangs around urgently reminding me of things that need to be done, yet insisting that there’s always tomorrow. Stress is like having your miserable single friend, your … Continue reading

How To Cancel Out the Noise in Your Life

In Oprah’s most recent interview with Lady Gaga, she asked the pop star what her creative process is when it comes to producing music. Gaga replied, in short: I cancel out the noise. The noise in our lives can take on several different forms. It could be social distractions such as Facebook or Pinterest, or … Continue reading