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Opportunities to Fail

The funny thing about writing an anti-perfectionism blog is that there’s this expectation that you’ll be perfect at it. People expect that because I write about taking it easy on myself, about detachment, confidence, acceptance, etc., that I have all these things down pat. Well, I have to break it to you: I don’t. This … Continue reading

My Bad: Dealing With Mistakes

I’m not quick to admit this, but I actually make mistakes all the time. Blame it on poor judgment, clumsiness, exhaustion, whatever. And, I’m not really sure if this a perfectionist thing or just a human thing, but I’m also very aware of these mistakes, which, I think, is far worse than making the mistakes in … Continue reading

Don’t Panic: How To Keep Perspective

I’ve been embarrassingly consumed by all the things I don’t have, lately. I guess when you spend your days looking for a job, you can’t help but constantly think about how unemployed (and broke) you really are. But not only am I unemployed and broke, I’m also friendless, inexperienced, boring, and my writing sucks. How am I … Continue reading

The Comfort Zone

It’s July. One of my favorite months. I was born in July. I met my fiance seven years ago in July. And in less than two weeks, I’ll be getting married in July! But right now, I’m just hanging out. Because the next couple weeks are going to be insane with wedding details. In this … Continue reading

Post #10: The Challenge

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca Wow! This is my tenth post and I feel like I’ve already come so far. A little known fact about me is that I’ve started a few other blogs in the past. I’ve even gotten all the way up to 17 posts without ever going … Continue reading

We Can Do Hard Things

I used to do this exercise video led by Kim Kardashian to tone my lower half. Naturally. The workout was a series of routines with tons of squats and leg lifts and it seemed to last forever. By the end of each use, I was a sweaty mess panting for breath and completely exhausted. But what … Continue reading