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Find Your Inspiration

It’s very fitting that Mother’s Day is this weekend, because my week has been all about strong and successful women. In the past couple weeks, I’ve been so consumed with wedding stuff, volunteering and copy writing, that it’s been a little more difficult than usual to find unique inspiration. Not only was this making me … Continue reading

We Have Bad Days Too

One of the biggest misconceptions about happy people is that they never feel down. People tend to believe that happiness is a natural disposition, and you either got it or you don’t. I consider myself a happy person, for the most part. I’m positive, cheerful, supportive and encouraging, and I work hard to maintain these … Continue reading

Why Perfectionism Sucks

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been really hard on myself. My earliest memory of this is when I confronted my fourth grade teacher for giving me an A- on a log cabin I built completely from popsicle sticks. I cried all the way home when she refused to go any higher. … Continue reading