My name is Be’Anka and I’m a writer. Welcome to my blog.

What do I write? Well, anything. I’ve written just about everything from essays and resumes to website copy and magazine blurbs. But rarely do I ever write publicly about myself–so this blog is definitely a challenge. And starting with the About page may not have been the best idea, but here I am.

I live in San Jose. Despite its seemingly slow development and outrageous expenses, San Jose is still and always has been my favorite city. I was born and raised here, I found love here, and after spending four years away in Moraga, CA for college, I returned home and settled here in a condo Downtown with my handsome and loving husband. My husband and I met almost a decade ago and we’ve been going strong ever since. The way he believes in me is inspiring, and his support is beyond comparison. I’m a very lucky girl.

Writing has always been a personal endeavor for me. I’m fairly comfortable writing objectively for other people, products and businesses; but I’ve always been extremely protective of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Not only have I been protective, I’ve also been embarrassingly critical. By challenging myself to maintain this blog, my hope is to become more open and assertive in combatting my perfectionist tendencies, and thus, become a better writer and person in general.

I believe happiness is the most important choice anyone can make. When you’re happy with yourself, you are better equipped to be happy with others, be it your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your family and friends. And though I’m no expert in positive psychology, I’ve always been pretty good at bouncing back from depression, anxiety and failure. I do this consciously because I realize the benefits.

I’ve reached a point, however, where happy and perfect have grown synonymous to me. That’s a problem. When happiness and perfection are the same thing, the perception of both become incredibly skewed and worst, impossible to attain. And when things seem impossible to attain, it’s daunting to take the creative risks necessary to succeed. It’s daunting to even try.

I invite you to come along with me on this journey to learn to enjoy and embrace every single day of life without compromise or expectation. Perhaps along the way, my stories and efforts will inspire you to challenge yourself as well. Here’s a little more about me:

Current Challenge(s): Maintain this blog, be fearless,wholeness, accept challenges, write!

Beautiful People: My family and friends, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra

Good Reads: This Year I Will, MJ Ryan; Content Rules, Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman; The Redemptive Self, Dan P. McAdams; The Shadow Effect

Mindless Entertainment: Reality TV, Pinterest, LinkedIn Today

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’ll be sure to add more favs as they come to me. Thanks for reading!



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