No Accidents

I don’t know about you, but as I’m getting older, things are finally starting to make sense. Stuff that happened years ago that I didn’t understand, or I didn’t think much of at the time, are now coming full circle as I grow in my detachment. And I think most of us would agree that everything happens for a reason, but how often do we reach that aha! moment where we actually get it?

I feel like I get it now. I get that all the experiences and the moments of our lives will ultimately serve the greater purpose of making us the best people we can be. I get that even our losses, our mistakes, and our missed opportunities were also meant to be. So it’s becoming much more apparent that our lives are far beyond everything just happening for a reason. I think the truth is that everything happens for a good reason, and that there are universal energies that ensure this is the case.

I like the sound of that. Universal energies. I like the idea of unobstructed motion, because that’s how life is: constantly moving in every single way. It’s undeniably energetic. Each of our decisions, encounters, friendships, relationships, successes and hardships are all part of our stories, whether we understand them today or not. So when purpose reveals itself, it comes with a great deal of relief to know that it was all for something, and that the steps of our individual journeys are actually meaningful.

But in acknowledging these truths for ourselves, we too should be able to acknowledge these truths for others. If there is a good reason for all that we do and all that occurs in our lives, this must extend to everyone else as well. Yet, we’re especially challenged by other people. And we’re incredibly hard on ourselves. We desire approval and we seek amicable cooperation to simply be okay with our own path and our own decisions.

If we truly believe that there are no accidents, we should be free to live and trust as if everything will work out for the best. We should be so uncomfortable in pretense, and so exhausted by perfection, that we choose ourselves each and every day. Even when bad things happen, we should find peace in knowing that this moment or this pain will ultimately contribute to our growth, and accept it without complaint.

We have to see the bigger picture. Our issues or frustrations with this current moment or this particular person will pass. And when they do, our lives will open up to another moment or person that will make clear exactly why those things did or didn’t work out before.

When you give up control and you let things come and go as they may, you’ll discover purpose in every circumstance. Learn to peacefully detach. Learn to trust the process. And have faith in the energies of life. There are no accidents.



6 thoughts on “No Accidents

    • Exactly! Strength of mind is what makes all the other/hard stuff – like acceptance, detachment, etc. – possible.

      Btw, I just read your week review post. Tough break w the oven! But glad you can see the humor in it all now. 🙂 I hope you get to try again this weekend!

      Thanks for reading!

    • Hey, Danielle! I’m happy these posts inspire you – and I’m especially happy to hear that this one came right on time. I love when that happens! 🙂 Thank you!

  1. There is so much truth in this post! It’s very hard to see the point of hardships as we’re in them but once we step back we realize everything does happen for a reason.

    I love the term “universal energies.” It’s like we’re all tapping into the same ones and that’s just another way we can all be connected.

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