GYST: How to Refocus

If we’re being honest here – as in, here, in this blog… and in life – can I just mention how far off track I get every now and then? I swear, I’m way too easily distracted, and sometimes downright lazy. And unfortunately, the past couple weeks have kind of been that way. Yes, I restarted my blog, which I’m overjoyed about, and I helped with a couple papers, but everything else? Not so good.

My head just hasn’t been in the game. (And, Thanksgiving, with it’s short week and delicious eats, surely didn’t help.) Along with eating terribly, not working out, and slacking on my business, I’ve also been spending an insane amount of time worrying about people and things far outside my control. Sigh.

If you’re anything like me, being off track just doesn’t feel right. There’s this constant nagging in your head telling you to get it together. Well, say no more, nag. I’m on it!

A few months ago, I completed a 21 day GYST challenge with my husband and a friend. What’s GYST? Simple. Get Your Shit Together. GYST was born out of our own dissatisfaction. We were horribly unmotivated and just barely getting by on  good enough. And when you’re used to doing things really well, you know the truth about good enough: you could be doing way better.

So there began our GYST challenge. 21 days straight of working out every single morning, eating well, and focusing on doing our absolute best at something. It may sound vague, but GYST is incredibly personal. I’ve used it to read more, to meditate, and to pass a certification exam. All you do is pick an area of your life that’s suffering, or that you’d like to kick into gear, and you go for it. 21 days. No excuses.

How did I get started? Well, truth is, I’m my biggest problem. So what worked for me was joining forces with others. Every morning, we’d motivate each other with text messages of encouragement to get out of our warm, comfy beds and to the gym. We held each other accountable. We counted our days. And you know what happened? We did it! At the end of the challenge, our habit was formed. Now, not working out feels weird. And not  being productive on personal goals sucks.

Which brings me to my point. In terms of my personal and professional goals, these last couple weeks kind of sucked. But awareness is everything. And awareness gave me that kick in the ass I needed to get back on track.

I think I’m ready for another 21 days. Who’s with me?

Let me know how you’ll #GYST below. (And if you need an extra push, check out my friend’s witty and inspiring blog here.)


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