Everything Happens For A Reason

The last few weeks have been quite the roller coaster. From job interviews to rush writing assignments to potty training a new puppy, I’ve barely had a second for myself to just relax.

Ollie - My new puppy

Hi, I’m Ollie!

Fortunately, a lot of good has come out of these last few weeks as well. On top of bringing home that aforementioned pup (his name is Ollie!), I also got a new job, and more responsibility at my writing gig. I’ll finally return to full-time work this upcoming Monday, and I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to work hard and prove myself again.

It’s just funny how things work out. As an incredibly impatient (and, ok, maybe a little crazy) person, I tend to put myself on a very strict life schedule. I always find myself looking ahead for no real reason, but angst, to see what’s on the horizon–willing it closer with my mind. I just want so badly for everything to go as planned, even if I have to force it.

But, of course, this is not the way the world works. I would’ve never guessed that many of the things that occurred over the last six months were even possible.  Yet, I’m here, in this moment, with a new opportunity ahead of me and a quickly growing belief in my ability to succeed without being perfect.

And now, I’ve come up with a new idea to make the most of this new chapter in my life: I’m completely letting go. Yup, just like that. I’m letting go of being so rigid in my expectations and in my timeline of life events. I’ve never been a “go with the flow” type of person, but I really want to give this a shot. So this is huge!

Now, if you’re wondering how I’m going to “let go,” you’re not alone. This is part of the perfectionist puzzle, I guess. But the plan for now is to work my ass off and not let any of the random and inevitable quirks or nuisances get to me (like they usually do)–and, of course, to just be happy. Surprises are part of life. But I’m more confident than ever that everything, including surprises, really does happen for a reason.

In my younger days, I had a simple mantra I’d repeat to myself during challenging basketball games and practices. It was “Mind over Matter: I don’t mind. It doesn’t matter.” Now might be a good time to bring that back…

So, who’s with me? Tell me how you let go. I’m stealing all good ideas, so feel free to let me know in the comments below. 🙂




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