Don’t Panic: How To Keep Perspective

Keep Calm And Carry On

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I’ve been embarrassingly consumed by all the things I don’t have, lately. I guess when you spend your days looking for a job, you can’t help but constantly think about how unemployed (and broke) you really are.

But not only am I unemployed and broke, I’m also friendless, inexperienced, boring, and my writing sucks. How am I ever going to make it in this cold, dark world?!

Ok, so maybe that’s a little extreme. But, hey, I’m a perfectionist. I do extremes really well. I panic. Just a tiny bit. Especially when I have all this alone time on my hands.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably great at making your own issues one-hundred times worse than they really are. I’m a dweller. When my negative mind takes over, I dwell on interactions – from elevator to interviews. I obsess about situations and conversations. I convince myself that I could’ve said or done something better. And I concern myself with what other people think of me, rationalizing that they must have noticed my mistake or awkwardness too.

But then, a quick look up at the sky puts everything back into perspective. Ah, it’s just so pretty, isn’t it? And best of all, it’s not falling!

If I can steal a quote from my mother here for a second, sometimes you just have to get out of your own way. See the world for what it really is, not the horror you imagine. Take time out to recall your good fortune and all of your blessings because nothing in this life is guaranteed.

Gratitude is everything. It’s the best reminder of all the amazing things we do have. And the funny thing is, everything will suddenly make sense. Just by calming down a little, you realize that all those things you were stressing about weren’t as bad as you thought. In fact, they probably could’ve been worse. (I can even recall a few good callbacks now that I completely disregarded in all my mental craziness. How conveniently that skipped my mind…)

Anyway, this world can be brutal, people. Let’s not make it harder by being especially so on ourselves. Don’t panic. Focus on the positives no matter how hard they are to find. There’s always something redeeming about a situation.

So how do you keep calm and carry on in your world? Prayer? Meditation? Since I’m a writer, I’m partial to journaling when I need a quick reminder of how great life is. But I could sure use more suggestions! I’d love to know what works for you.

Tell me all about it in the comments below.


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