Positive Energy: How to Defy Gravity

Today, I’m writing from good ol’ Sacramento. I’m here visiting my sister, and I must say the change of scenery has been very nice.

While here, however, I’ve been suffering from little bouts of anxiety. My wedding is just under two months away and I’m completely overwhelmed with all the unanswered questions and nagging things to do. I’ll admit: I’m an anti-bride. I haven’t been planning this thing since I was six. And really, if I hadn’t found the best guy in the world, marriage wouldn’t even be close to on my mind.

But here I am. Sighing at text messages asking me to decide between navy and royal blue. Rolling my eyes with each new person who asks for a wedding invite. And yawning through the flower market.

I am a terrible person.

So last night while discussing all that’s left to do with a bridesmaid, I finally just admitted that wedding planning is not where my mind or heart is. To my surprise, she already knew! Apparently, my negative attitude has been quite the drag. And now, instead of just one person being down, I suddenly had two.

Which brings me to the topic of energy. Finding harmony between negative feelings and positive behavior is a constant struggle. Personally, when I feel poorly about certain things or people, my attitude will often get the best of me, which is really bad. But, being happy isn’t always easy. And this is especially true when we don’t deal with our feelings accordingly.

When we refuse to fully acknowledge our feelings, positive or negative, we eliminate our opportunity to determine appropriate actions. This isn’t about denial. It’s the basic law of attraction. What you focus on is what you’ll get. If you never reconcile your negative thoughts, the feelings will inevitably emanate from you–and, perhaps worse, continue to bring you and others down.

Unfortunately, the solution for combatting negativity isn’t clear cut. You just have to force yourself and be deliberate in it. If that means making a change, then go for it! If that means meditating, then do it! Just don’t allow negativity to consume and control you–and always believe that your happiness is worth the effort.

So, about this wedding, I’ve decided to take my own advice. No one ever said I had to plan it alone–let alone, plan it at all. I just want to enjoy the day and be excited. So if getting extra help is what it takes, then I’m all for it. And I’m sure the people around me will enjoy the shift in energy.

Can we all agree that being happy and positive is far more fun that the alternative? Great! Then how do you deal with your negative feelings? What kind of energy is surrounding you? Let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Positive Energy: How to Defy Gravity

  1. When I feel like I’m being Debbie downer I pray, watch a funny movie, and go to the gym to sweat out the negative energy! Prayer and Laughter are food to the soul. Being physical calms the nerves! I love this, you have 110% of my support. From an excited bridesmaid! 🙂

  2. Hotep!

    Amazing blog first and foremost. These past few months have really been fun for me because with every change in myself, I am seeing the changes of others. It seems that day by day, more people are pushing to become positive and happy instead of feeding into the other side of the coin. I have literally been in the same boat your in with letting negative attitude and energy get the best of me. The one thing that helped me truly change was this quote.

    Think it. Speak it. Be it.

    It starts from our mind. Then we take that thought and speak it (verbally or non verbally). Then it becomes us. So anytime i think or speak something negative, i catch myself and apologize. Sometimes I walk around wishing random people a great day, even if it’s just in my head. I do whatever I can to put out as much positive thoughts and energy as possible, because what we put out we get back.

    Peace and Love


    • Hi Clif! Great to hear from you! Your words are so true and I think I’m in love with that quote. (I’ll probably post it somewhere I can see everyday! :)) And I have noticed people are becoming more and more positive everyday. Maybe it comes with age. Or experience. But whatever it is, I’m super happy about it because it is worth the effort.

      I’m also a huge believer in the power of our thoughts, both positive and negative. I think it’s so amazing that you’re wishing others a great day the way you are. I’m going to follow suit! You never know how much someone needs it – and really, how much we need it too.

      So, I’m stealing all your words of wisdom! Thanks for reading and I hope all is well with you.

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