Find Your Inspiration

It’s very fitting that Mother’s Day is this weekend, because my week has been all about strong and successful women.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve been so consumed with wedding stuff, volunteering and copy writing, that it’s been a little more difficult than usual to find unique inspiration. Not only was this making me a cranky woman, but it was also causing me to slip into an incredibly mundane existence…

That is, however, until the beginning of this week when a series of events added new life to me. For one: I made a new friend! Secondly, my sister was hit with bizarre and unexpected change. And last, a girl friend of mine allowed me to peer into the life happenings of a young student she counsels who is pursuing graduate education. How are these things connected? Let me explain.

I’m a very routined and systematic person. (It’s a trait of my zodiac sign.) So it’s easy for me to become unabashedly self-involved with the day-to-day tasks I’m dealing with. And, as is usually the case, I eventually begin to feel unappreciated, bored, and–you guessed it!–uninspired. Sadly, I just flat-out lose my desire to keep on keepin’ on.

But back to the series of events. I had gone weeks without anything different or unforeseen occurring. But at a speech competition I was volunteering at, I met Brandi–a super cool, super fashionable, and completely hysterical, new Bay Area resident. She reluctantly relocated here and now frequents the church most of my family attends. Her stories about work, family and marriage were incredibly admirable. Upon speaking further, we realized we also shared a common interest: she’s a blogger too! (Check her out here.) Brandi is trying something new in an unfamiliar city by putting herself out there, both online and off.

Then, my sister was dealt a blow. A sudden change in her life struck her (and everyone else!) completely out of the blue. I’ve watched her all week try to make sense of it all. But she never lost it, even though everyone would have understood. Instead, she held her head high in confidence of who she is despite this situation. She’s strong. Always has been. And to see her find peace–in just a matter of days!–is unreal.

And in the midst of all this, I had another essay to edit. This is my usual thing. I edit essays all the time, so aside from the random facts I get about the death penalty and gay marriage, it’s never really a big deal. Until, that is, I came across the personal essays sent to me from my friend. I don’t know the young woman who wrote the essays, but her life (which included a tragic accident resulting in the loss of a parent) and her resilience were undeniably inspiring. And, funny thing is, she hates to write! (That’s probably why it captured my attention.) But, she’s going for it anyway. She’s applying for a program that will improve her writing skills so she has a better shot at getting a scholarship to grad school.

So, I swear I have a point. Here it is: These three woman, and several others I had the company of this week, are not letting their circumstances define them. Even in uncertainty, they’re poised and unwavering in their desire to move forward despite the conditions they’re faced with. Instead of surrendering completely, they’re pursuing their happiness more than ever. And it’s a very noble effort.

Our happiness shouldn’t be defined by our circumstances. Because circumstances can and will change.

Our lives aren’t always exciting. Sometimes we need to be reminded that being happy is our choice. That’s exactly what the stories above have done for me this week. And fortunately, stories like these exist all around us–we just have to open up our eyes to see them.

I’m happy to be re-inspired. Who or what has inspires you?


2 thoughts on “Find Your Inspiration

  1. Love the article, Be’Anka! It was so nice meeting you, and I am looking forward to doing lunch (or shopping! -hehehe) soon!

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