Posted in May 2012

Fake It ’til You Make It

Is anyone ever really sure of themselves? I mean, people do pretty amazing things all the time. Do you think they knew all along it was going to happen? Or that it was even possible? Or that they wouldn’t fail? I often find peace of mind by assuming everyone is uneasy. I like to believe … Continue reading

Positive Energy: How to Defy Gravity

Today, I’m writing from good ol’ Sacramento. I’m here visiting my sister, and I must say the change of scenery has been very nice. While here, however, I’ve been suffering from little bouts of anxiety. My wedding is just under two months away and I’m completely overwhelmed with all the unanswered questions and nagging things … Continue reading

Find Your Inspiration

It’s very fitting that Mother’s Day is this weekend, because my week has been all about strong and successful women. In the past couple weeks, I’ve been so consumed with wedding stuff, volunteering and copy writing, that it’s been a little more difficult than usual to find unique inspiration. Not only was this making me … Continue reading

Post #10: The Challenge

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca Wow! This is my tenth post and I feel like I’ve already come so far. A little known fact about me is that I’ve started a few other blogs in the past. I’ve even gotten all the way up to 17 posts without ever going … Continue reading

Developing Healthy Habits

As someone who’s tried to do things perfectly for the majority of my life, I’d say I know a thing or two about habits, both good and bad. In the past I’ve tackled procrastination, being too busy to work out, and a negative attitude all by being more mindful of the little things I did … Continue reading