Posted in April 2012

5 Tips for Wedding Planning Survival

When I first got engaged, I decided that Wednesdays would be “Wedding Wednesdays.” (Yes, because of the matching W’s.) I’d do all my planning and my DIY projects and it would be smooth sailing and I would never get behind or off-track. Yea. That didn’t happen. Planning a wedding is a perfectionist’s nightmare! You just … Continue reading

We Can Do Hard Things

I used to do this exercise video led by Kim Kardashian to tone my lower half. Naturally. The workout was a series of routines with tons of squats and leg lifts and it seemed to last forever. By the end of each use, I was a sweaty mess panting for breath and completely exhausted. But what … Continue reading

Bet On You

Today was a really big day for me. I signed an exclusive, long-term content writing contract with a new website! I’ll be writing tons of pages for their business, blogging and copywriting regularly, and producing monthly e-newsletters all from the comfort of my home. This is huge! The last “long-term” writing gig I had was a couple … Continue reading

Goodbye, Yesterday. Hello, Today.

A wise man once told me that at the end of each day, you’re going to be tired. No matter how hard you worked or how lazy you were, night will come and you’ll still be ready for bed. But, he emphasized, it’s completely up to us whether we’ll be good tired or bad tired – and … Continue reading

How To Cancel Out the Noise in Your Life

In Oprah’s most recent interview with Lady Gaga, she asked the pop star what her creative process is when it comes to producing music. Gaga replied, in short: I cancel out the noise. The noise in our lives can take on several different forms. It could be social distractions such as Facebook or Pinterest, or … Continue reading